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On this page, I’ll start listing specific kids and their needs in terms of education .  Naturally, I have limitations on what I peronaly can do.  I will only be listing those who I personally have met or dealt with.  I will have personally confirmed their need and character to properly use the support of any donors.  Many would be accessible directly by the donor, should the donor wish it (and I highly recommend it; these kids are great!)  Uganda is a strange country, where electronic communication is more widespread and consistent than piped water, sewage and even electricity.

COLLEGE-AGE: Full Support

This level requires about $3,000-$3,500 per year in support for three years.  These are for student who have not received government sponsorship, which only goes to the top few percent and are dependent on specific majors the government is looking for (e.g. Science and Engineering)  It is for very serious donors or organized groups of donors (say a small church group).

COLLEGE-AGE: Incidental Support

This level probably runs about $1,000 a year for three years and is to supply the ‘requirements’ for a government-sponsored student.  Things like transport, supplies, clothing, books, personal items, etc. 

(Update: education only is listed below. Feeding them and housing them at the orphanage is different; Children of Uganda has package prices listed, which are more realistic in terms of total support costs, though the secondary listing I suspect is a bit low now.  Sponsoring a child directly through the Children of Uganda, via a full support package, significantly simplifies writing off the cost as a charitable deduction.  Much of what i do cannot be and is considered a ‘gift’.)

SECONDARY SCHOOL: Full and Partial Support Needs

Full secondary educational support runs about $600-$800 per year for up to six years, generally needed in three installments through the year.

‘Requirement’ support level would be about $250 per year, generally needed in three installments through the year.

Full support through the orphanage is currently listed at $900 per year, but with recent price increases in Uganda (primarily transport), I would expect total support to be nearer $1,200 per year.  That covers housing and food during their ‘holiday time’, about 10 weeks of the year, and transport to and from school.

PRIMARY SCHOOL: Full and educational Support Needs

Total support, including their time at the orphanage for room and board there, is $450 a year; transport costs do not factor in to primary kids.  Primary schools are supposedly free, but ‘Requirement’ support level is needed at about $200 per year for up to six years, generally needed in three installments through the year. 



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