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Motivators May 16, 2008

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A Message to Conservatives December 25, 2007

Posted by Mike O in Reasons.
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Two things that real political conservatives- of all stripes- believe in are personal responsibility and ‘traditional’ values.  Note those traditional values are found in all of the great religions and deal with good and evil, as well as sacrifice and charity.  In this season, we Christians celebrate the birth of one who later made the ultimate sacrifice for all mankind and, in this season, it is appropriate to consider sacrifice.  We must think of those great people in our military, so far from home during these holidays, making such sacrifices for our country and the causes of peace and freedom.  We must especially think of those- American and her allies- who gave the ultimate sacrifice in those causes and the loved ones they left behind.

Even when they don’t come up to the level of those in the military, we must also contemplate our own sacrifices.  If we truly believe in personal responsibility, we cannot leave it to others.  And by sacrifice, I don’t mean merely signing off on a United Way pledge, or writing a check to a charity (although that, too, is needed).  Sacrifice comes as a personal commitment, generally long-term, to serve others that you are not obligated to serve. It means to follow through, make a difference and see it done.  Personally, I feel we are all judged at one point or another- whether in this life or after- and it’s best to have enough ‘good points’ over bad; sacrifice helps tilt those totals.

As I look back on this year and all the people and projects I’ve dealt with (primarily on my trip to Uganda), and consider that I’ve done just fair. ‘Fair’, some would say “You went to Africa for weeks to work personally, spent 12-15% of your income on this work.  Only ‘fair’??”   Yes, considering people like this, my family obligations made it difficult to make that kind of sacrifice.  More importantly, how can it be classified as sacrifice when I get so much out of it?  How much would you pay to be happier with your own life?  To gain an attitude that has led to less complaints and the strength to deal effectively with the adversities of my son’s serious medical issues?  To get the privilege of associating with great people of sweetness, character and strength, both workers and orphans?  However, fair will have to do, since that is all I’m capable of doing and still fulfilling basic family obligations that naturally have priority.

I ask everyone to- in this holiday season- consider the commitments in their life.  If you don’t already, consider making a serious commitment of sacrifice to support your belief in traditional values and personal responsibility.  It doesn’t matter what form it takes (though you are more than happy to support the group I work with, even if it’s a simple contribution.)  As the Nike ad puts so well, ‘Just Do It!’  Prove you’re a Real Conservative.

May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!