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Starting my Plan to go Back April 24, 2010

Posted by Mike O in Charity.

Politics has taken way too much of my free time for the moment and taken my focus off of the pure good to be done with Children of Uganda.  The video below shows me what I’ve been missing out on and the only way I can make amends is if some of my new political friends were to chip in to help 🙂 .  Here is the presentation of my previous trips  mzungu_mike_2010 (and, sadly yes, I was that thin in 2007)

Tremendous progress has been made at Sabine since I was last there, primarily in the area of permaculture.  My buddy ‘Prince’ Charles, growing to be a productive member of the community, gives a tour of that work.  Sixty eggs a day is a tremendous boost in protein for the kids, not to mention the nutritious fruit and vegetables, and I hope this progress continues!

Update: A new video, with film of the effort with chickens!

I tremendously miss helping with such things, and I owe Sabina BIG time, since I let Kiwanga drain me financially last time before I got to Sabine.  I can’t wait until October, when I go back to do what I can to help, to



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