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A New ‘Family’ Member: Godfrey Mugisha February 22, 2009

Posted by Mike O in Charity, family.

Now that Irene and Faridah are through secondary school, I had a little bandwidth to pick up another.  This time I worked directly though Children of Uganda and their monthly donation program.  I requested a Primary boy this time, because I need to mix things up a bit.  I was fortunate enough to draw Godfrey Mugisha, a young man who- according to Peter, the Sabine library manager– has been the top of his class since the first day he walked in the door.  I fully expect I have another college education to pay for in my future.

Godfrey’s family situation is tough.  Rather than being the typical orphan from AIDs, his father was seriously injured in a fall many years ago, was unable to work and finally passed on in 2007.  His mother and 7 siblings had to sell their cattle (cattle being a strictly man’s business in Uganda; both societal and practical, as cattle theft must be an issue.).  They bought a small tract of land and struggle to survive.  I’ll be helping his family where I can, so Godfrey can focus on school.

A new, long-term adventure and commtiment for me; I haven’t regretted one yet.  I look forward to getting to Africa and meeting Godfrey and his family.

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