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A Video of My ‘Niece’, Sandra March 8, 2008

Posted by Mike O in family.

The poor young lady has gone through a fair amount of hospitalization lately; complications (minor) after they took a clot out of her brain months after a pedestrian accident.

Update: The last hospitalization seemed to take care of a transient problem with dehydration.  Lat I talk to her, she had been fine for quite awhile and was concentrating on studies, as she should. 

 But does she look good in this video from before!

She looks too good!  I can also attest to something else from personal experience, but fortunately I’m old enough and ‘comfortable’ enough that the damage was minimal:  A big hug from Sandra delivered to any male with a functional endocrine system will drop said male’s IQ to match his age for hours.

Maybe I need to include this message I sent prior to the PAM Awards (the East Africa Grammys).  She didn’t win, but even being nominated was an honor.




1. Brian - May 13, 2008

Mike, my IQ is suffering from the video alone! Had to get her CDs, can’t get Nyina Wumunu out of my head now.

Good on you with your work in Africa, I’m certain the rewards more than outweigh the effort. My own wife is from Congo Kinshasa, and I hope to go there one day. We help her family there.

Africa is such a beautiful place blessed with vast resources and almost exclusively wonderful and beautiful people, it is so hard to wrap my head around the fact that it suffers so in spite of all it’s potential.

2. Mike O - May 14, 2008

I carry her CD in my car. It’s great for reducing traffic stress; I was fortunate to see her perform live and THAT is a real treat.

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