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I hate writing this, but I have to. November 20, 2007

Posted by Mike O in Charity.
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It is difficult for me to write this posting, as I have- since early in my adult life- eschewed asking others for anything.  But there is a need that is beyond my capacity to resolve, for some people I care deeply about. 

The Children of Uganda recently lost a major corporate sponsor and has been under financial pressure for some time.  They have reduced overhead- which was pretty minimal to start with- to the bare bones.  With these cuts, the organization thought they could manage operations; however, a big shoe just got dropped on them.  A group within the World Food Program, which has been supplying the majority of the food for the orphanages, is shutting down operations in Uganda.  As of January 1, there will be no food deliveries to the orphans from them.  Children of Uganda will need to come up with about $12,000 per year of additional funding to make up for this loss.  I suspect the loss from the World Food Program is due to their own financial stains described here.


Added to this is the age curve of the orphans themselves.  Many more of the orphans have reached the age to enter secondary school.  In Uganda, this is not paid for by the government, though the costs are fairly reasonable.  There is also room and board involved, as nearly all secondary schools board the students.  Even with all of that, it is no more than $900 total for a year.  These costs have begun to outstrip the donor base (I personally am fully covering my ‘daughter’ in college, plus partially covering several others in secondary to the tune of about $4,000 per year).


This all sounds like a lot of money, but every donation will make a huge difference.  A $70 donation I made will cover one staffer’s salary for a month and enhance the sustenance-level  meals for one of the orphanages for a week.


Thanksgiving is coming up this week and we all have so much to be thankful for.  And for the first time ever, I’m asking all friends and family I have to consider pitching in and helping some very special kids.  If you do see fit to donate online or by check, mark the contribution for Food or Tuition and Rob (the group’s CEO) and I will ensure that is exactly what it will go for.  If you can help, donate at this link


Again, forgive me for this request, but I have to try everything.  Including a picture of the standard  combination breakfast-lunch that has been cut back since I was there: