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AIDS Testing Day in Ssanje; Many thanks to Sarah October 18, 2007

Posted by Mike O in Charity, places.
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Sarah Cowan is the marvelous Peace Corps volunteer associated with the Sabine orphanage in Rakai.  Just before I left, she spoke about the need to get the family members of the kids who went to the same primary school as the orphans tested for AIDS.  A number of parents had died of unknown causes and, during previous home visits Sarah had done, brought up the issue of AIDS testing.  The families all wanted to be checked but there was no nearby location to do so.  Sarah had found out tha she could get a testing team out to the area for the cost of transport and salaries; about 100K ($60).  I threw in $100 to let her get some treats for the kids and Sarah recently pulled it off in a grand fashion.  The writeup is here.

What I did for this- in terms of supplying a bit of money- is insignificant to Sarah’s Herculean effort in pulling it off and making it a success.  Many kudos to Sarah; I wish I was a tenth the human being she is!  I am pledging to support this activity on an at least annual basis for her village of Ssanje.  Hopefully, Sarah will oversee it one more time before her Peace Corps tour is completed.