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Sandra, my Favorite Niece July 22, 2007

Posted by Mike O in family, people.

Sandra Karagirwa, Gordon Nicol’s marvelous daughter and my favorite niece: where to even begin. She is beautiful, graceful, talented (with a voice to charm angels) and sweet; Gordon has himself one fantastic girl. Her horrific past, as a young survivor of the Rwandan genocide, also tempered her character; but it did not slay the stunningly beautiful butterfly that is her soul.

I am of an ideal age to deal with her: old enough to keep the brain functioning and the relationship proper, but still not so that I cannot appreciate her beauty and truly innocent affection she so readily gives. I spent quite a bit of time with her; I am very concerned, because she is trying to hang onto her morals in a music industry that will do everything it can to strip those morals away.   But the young lady is very strong and she assures us she can handle it.  She is in college, studying journalism and I expect to see her on TV some day. 

 Update: Welcome, Gatewaypundit readers (one of my favorite reads).. Sandra was nominated for a PAM Award (the East Africa equivelent of a Grammy) as Best Rwandan Artist.  While she did not win, it is still a great honor for someone so new to the music industry (and I don’t doubt her high moral character might have been an issue.)   Pretty good revenge on those monsters responsible for the Rwandan geneocide.  They not only failed to kill her, she has flourished despite their atrocities.

Update: Some of her videos: NDISHUSHU YAWE , nyina wumuntu

Update2: 12/19/07  The cause of Sandra’s recurring severe headaches, which she’s had for several months after she was stuck as a pedestrian in a traffic accident, has finally be found.  A blood clot in her brain; they surgically removed it yesterday.  Gordon and I (as well of her many friends) are all spending a bunch of time talking to God these days on her behalf. 

Here is a picture for the males in Sandra’s world.  Those that don’t know Africa don’t realize how male dominated it is in certain regards and dangerous for women alone. If giving some male with the wrong intentions a moment of pause that a crazed Mzungu may come looking for him, all well and good. Because this is the Mzungu they could end up meeting if they do any of my girls real harm.



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